Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Best of the West!

There is a STIR on the west coast and it's not an earthquake. Taylor Hicks has arrived and is shaking up the place! Starting with San Diego, moving to LA, and now in San Francisco, Taylor has entertained countless new and present fans in his role as Teen Angel in "Grease" and has added a shadow tour show full of his unique music to each venue city, as well as introducing his new hit single at the close of each play performance.

The Belly Up Tavern in the San Diego area was a fabulous show and many lucky fans got to enjoy this, close up and personal. Taylor also performed at the legendary Roxy, which was an awesome experience! He will be at the Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco on April 14th and is scheduled to appear at The Triple Door in Seattle on May 27th.

The west coast press has been courting Taylor Hicks since he arrived. You cannot turn on a radio or TV in the area without an interview or reference to the SoulMan from Alabama, who has captured our hearts in so many ways. Now that cameras are allowed at the shadow tours, you can find media all over from the Roxy. If you want some exclusive and amazing quality videos from our members who were fortunate enough to attend, you can find them on our Taylor Hicks Community media board in our Shadow Tours section. Our members also brought back some gorgeous photos!

Be sure to check your area for "Grease" and if you are lucky, also find a shadow tour which features the new music of Taylor Hicks from his great new CD. Taylor is trying to schedule a shadow show in most of the venue cities, so there is a good chance you can find one near you. Get up and close and personal in an intimate setting, where you can experience the blue eyed soul sound of Taylor Hicks singing his early works and new songs. You won't soon forget it!


Anonymous said...

it was bound to happen ... San Jose had a 4.2ish earthquake today!

Gypsee said...

O goodness, I just left that area yesterday!

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