Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taylor Hicks~Wynn Christian Interview

The Taylor Hicks Community is once again featuring an interview with one of Taylor's friends and band mates. Wynn Christian has given us a wonderful bit of insight and a look at those early days with Taylor Hicks and in the present also, with some info on the creative process for the new hit single from The Distance, "Seven Mile Breakdown."

Wynn is with the band Spoonful James, a terrific group of artists. If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing them live, you can find information on their appearances at their MySpace or Facebook pages. Wynn and Taylor worked hard preparing SMB, already a Spoonful James fan favorite, to add to The Distance. It has taken off and become the new video for Taylor Hicks.

Wynn is a great guy with lots to say! Come on over and check this new interview out. And make sure to check out Spoonful James...their music is just fantastic!

Link to our interview, which is open to all fans:

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