Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tracking Taylor Hicks to Target

August 12 is Drop Day for Taylor Hicks 'Early Works' CD, Exclusive at Target Stores. Fans are eagerly awaiting this remastered collection of his pre Idol songs, which will prove to be a fabulous selection of both of his pre Idol CDs!

Not familiar with the songs being included? Want a preview or maybe just a listen again? The Taylor Hicks Comomunity's main page has a full track listing and a "click and listen" feature, where you can hear the partial original tracks of the songs chosen for Taylor Hicks Early Works. These are not the new versions, but they are the actual selections, which will be very close to what is being released. Not enough? You will also be able to listen to samples of his post Idol CD, for those new fans not yet familiar with Taylor Hicks' amazing talent!

While you are on our main page enjoying listening to the early Taylor Hicks tracks, members can log in to out our media board, where we have a new interview from and tons of screencaps from it, guaranteed to make even the coolest cucumber pop its seeds...:)

Anticipation for fans is HIGHER than the "Grease" ice cream cone, for Early Works to hit the Target shelves. TREAT YOURSELF AND A FRIEND TO SOME TAYLOR HICKS....GO BUY A FEW!


Anonymous said...

The "Early Works" CD is just an appetizer until the main course is served up in the fall. I am going to savor this course, starting August 12th.

Am happy to see the various videos made by fans promoting the EW CD. They have been googled everywherte. Good job !!


Anonymous said...

Do you know for a fact that it is

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