Saturday, July 5, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Brightest Light At The Capitol

The show was excellent. The talent was immensely satisfying, as were the fireworks. However, the BIGGEST AND BRIGHTEST light there was Taylor Hicks!

As Jimmy Smitts said, no one can get a party started better than Taylor Hicks. We saw evidence of this right after Huey Lewis came out and warmed up the crowd. Huey was his charming and confident usual, and I very much enjoyed the walk down memory lane with him. However, when Taylor came out, the atmosphere just went ELECTRIC long before the actual fireworks began.

He sang "Soul Thing" as if he owned it...wait a minute...he DOES! Clearly one of the best of his original songs, he gave for all he is worth with this one. "Dancing in the Dark" was a bit breathless, but superb all the same. And I don't think "This Land" will ever be the same for me, after seeing it *Taylorized.*

All in all, a wonderful evening. The Birthday of Our Great Nation, graced by many talented performers, LIT UP BY TAYLOR HICKS, and followed by a fabulous firesworks display on the lawn of The Mall in our Nation's Capitol. It's enough to move even the hardest heart, to see so many gathered there to pay their respects.



Gr8fulheart said...

As always, Taylor gave the audience what they wanted. His performance took my breath away for sure. As stated, 'Dancing In The Dark' did show some breathless moments, but yet it proves that you don't have to be perfect to be a superb entertainer. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be to perform in a hot & muggy atmosphere. And ~ does he ever know how to play to the camera. Taylor is truly a star & he shone brightly at this event. Proud to be a part of his Soul Patrol!♥

juliegr said...

I attended the rehearsal on Thursday -- had a good time, everybody was VERY excited and loved the performances. Taylor was top-notch -- and didn't cut corners or lessen his performance even though it was rehearsal.

The next day at the actual celebration was even better -- if that's possible than the rehearsal. Taylor, as usual, laid it down and made everbody sit up and notice.

Gypsee said...

Julie, thanks for those recap comments. He was great, wasn't he?

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