Monday, July 21, 2008


OK they are not really "unsung" so much, as they do get lots of hits. Taylor Hicks has some MAJOR backing in three very wonderful folks who continually promote him and welcome US, his enthusiastic if somewhat I wanted to take time to dedicate a special THANK YOU to these three guys who love Taylor and help keep him in the public eyes and ears. You can find each of these by just googling their names.

UncleShag at WLSO radio in Atlanta, GA...he has tirelessly played and promoted Taylor Hicks for months and months. He is a truly terrific guy, who seems to love those Bama Boys and their music, and Taylor is a regular feature on his show.

Gregg@Radioio....this is a LARGE internet radio stream, with a guy who not only welcomes Taylor's fans to comment and email him, but plays a ton of Taylor's music, both early and new.

Blues amazing site that features video and audio for Taylor Hicks, and commentary to go with it. He has a lot of other blues music, which is also great to listen to, and absolutely supports our SoulMan. He is also playing a lot of Taylor's early music.

I want to say again how much we Taylor Hicks fans appreciate these three people. They are not only helping Taylor, but helping his new CD Early Works, which is a GEM to buy!

SO A BIG, RESOUNDING T H A N K Y O U to these three hard working DJs who love and support Taylor Hicks! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Anonymous said...

Gypsee- Thank you for cheering on these heroes!! They are very much appreciated and a very important part of the SP community!!


RagsQueen said...

Always nice to hear about positive support for our Soul Man!

Anonymous said...

This acknowledgement is well deserved. Not only do these gentlemen play Taylor's music but they have introduced Taylor fans to other artists. I am hoping that the same has applied in reverse and other artists fans have given Taylor's music a try.

Thanks to these three, again and again and again !!!!


KarinP said...

Well deserved kudos to these three
gentlemen. Their support of Taylor has been wonderful to see and hear.

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