Thursday, July 3, 2008

Taylor Hicks and Capitol Soul

Tomorrow is the BIG NIGHT! Taylor Hicks at the Capitol sure to be an explosive performance! Tune in to your local PBS channel for a night of music, soul, and fireworks. Taylor Hicks makes fireworks wherever he goes, and now is your chance to see him in our Nation's Capitol working his soulful magic on the mall for the crowds. The other artists and the beautiful fireworks display are sure to provide an evening of fabulous entertainment and fun, and starring our Taylor!


Anonymous said...

I'll be there , be there, be there ............. didn't Taylor say much the same thing in a song ????


Gr8fulheart said...

I can hardly wait for the fireworks to begin. And then, they will set off the sparkles & flares afterward!
What an honor for Taylor to be at this event. What an honor for them to have Taylor performing.
Go Get'em Taylor! WOOOO

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