Monday, September 15, 2008

Taylor Hicks~From Birmingham to Grease to Greece!

So we are at a little cafe in Athens, Greece and we ask a couple near us if the food is good. They say yes and ask us where we are from. Then I ask where they are from...I bet you can guess where this is going....

They are from Birmingham, Alabama and know of Taylor Hicks...their son went to high school with him. Of course, I was ChattyPatty with this couple instantly and HIGHLY recommended they go buy Taylor Hicks Early Works. I soooo wish I had one with me, so they could take it back to all their friends and get them to buy also, but I gave them the lowdown. They were so proud of Taylor for his success and for "Grease." It is no that coincidence that this man and his music follows us around the world....he is so incredible at what he does, his artistry, that it's no wonder he is known all over, even internationally in Italy and now Greece. And what Fates led me to this couple? Why the Taylorizers, of course :) So....Taylor Hicks has come from Birmingham, Alabama, to New York in one version of "Grease," and now has found his way through his hometown fans, to yet another Greece...Athens!

What a small world...our Soulman is found everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

A little eerie , Gypsee, but prophetic.............who knew that he would be continuing his roel in "Grease" by touring and finding his way out West and to the North Central part of the country.


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