Saturday, September 27, 2008

Taylor Hicks~A Change Goin Come

Taylor Hicks has a lot coming up in this next few months and the new year. And I, for one, cannot wait to sample it all!

For starters, check out Taylor Hicks myspace. Things are happening there and all for the good! The player has new songs in it and there are links that lead to some exciting new features and more to come. And Taylor has a YouTube Channel now! Check it out here:

Also in the near future, a national tour for "Grease" reprising his role as Teen Angel, and a new Taylor Hicks CD. I usually dislike the winter months, but this sounds like a GREAT way to keep warm and snuggly this season!

Taylor Hicks is going to be a busy guy from now until the new year, and it sounds like it's going to be a FUN FILLED time for he and his fans!

While we are waiting, check out TTHC's intervierws with those who know and love Taylor.

Connections Interviews with UncleShag and BluesHistorian:

TTHC Media Boards Interviews with friends and former bandmates:

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juliegr said...

Yep - the new MySpace layout is a winner. Especially the inclusion of Taylor's videos from the AI Tour to the present.

Also, the interviews with Taylors friends on THHC are very enjoyable and show a side of the early Taylor we weren't exposed to.

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