Sunday, September 7, 2008

Taylor Hicks~Farewell to "Grease"--Hello Future!

Tonight marks the farewell performance of Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel in "Grease." This has been a most successful run for Taylor and he has much to be proud of, along with his God Given talent for producing and delivering musical enjoyment to everyone who attends his appearances. This role has afforded him the opportunity to show his theatre stage presence, as well as his tour stage charm, and has garnered him many new fans as well as pleasing his present fans.

And now, according to various interviews, it's off to bigger and more wonderful Taylor Hicks things! With a new CD in the process, his creative genuis will once again be showcased. As much as Taylor has been in the media lately, with photo shoots of his New York digs, and his dressing room at the Brooks Atkinson theatre, plus the hoardes of adoring fans waiting for him in Meet and Greets or at the stage door, I have a sneaking hunch that what Taylor Hicks is MOST proud of, is his MUSIC, and rightly so. That musical genius, and his passion for it, has always carried him along this business industry and incredible Journey that began so long ago, before many knew of him. The rest of the good stuff is simply the Gravy from this Big Potroast Full of Soul!

Yep, Taylor Hicks, you made us Proud and continue to do that every day!

Congrats on a tremendously successful run on Broadway in "Grease." Looking foward to the next leg of this fabulous and hard earned Journey.


Anonymous said...

Your alluding to Pot Roast made me hungry Gyspee...

Taylor's entire career since Idol has been a gourmet's delight; the appetizer being his Victory on Idol 5 , just made us hungry for more. The main entree encompassed the CD and Tour as the meat and potatoes course. An Intermezzo was the "Grease" performance that gave us a different taste that cleansed our palate . Now we are ready for the next course on the menu. What treats does Taylor have in store for us next ????


juliegr said...

Thanks for the excellent post. You know what they say about pot roast -- the longer it roasts, the better the flavor!

Looking forward to a delicious offering in the near future.

KarinP said...

It's a big night for Taylor with probably many mixed feelings.

It's been a good run for him with alot of positive press too.

Best of luck to Taylor on the next step in his life.

Great blog entry, Gypsee.

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