Sunday, August 31, 2008


As Taylor Hicks fans celebrate this Labor Day Holiday weekend, let us also say Prayers for our friends and family who are in the path of Hurricane Gustav and possibly Hurricane Hanna. Gustav comes on the very weekend of Katrina, a sad memory and tragedy for so many who are still reeling from her effects, and are now bracing for yet another monster storm. New Orleans is the prime worry, but areas all along the gulf coast are expected to be impacted, INCLUDING THE ALABAMA SHORES, Taylor's home state.

This also brings a memory which, to me, is bittersweet. It was the tragedy three years ago of Katrina, that brought Fate to Taylor Hicks and then brought Taylor Hicks to the adoring public, as he took one of the only flights open to him from New Orleans to Las Vegas and American Idol auditions....and the rest is history, both exciting for his fans, and heartbreaking for all those hit hard by Katrina.

While Taylor Hicks' story is a truly wonderful silver lining in that storm, we cannot ever forget the devastation to the places Katrina hit, again including parts of Alabama. And now as Gustav builds in intensity, possibly to a monster hurricane, let us keep Prayers for all of the places, in the USA and other countries, where it leaves its mark, especially New Orleans. And remember the birthplace and home of Taylor Hicks, along with LA, MISS, and the entire gulf have our fervent Prayers and Hopes that you are all safe this Holiday weekend.

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