Sunday, August 24, 2008

Taylor Hicks ~Early Works Early Impressions

I am truly in love with this new/old CD from Taylor Hicks. I play it all the time in my car, find it soothing and exhilarating at the same time.

I think what strikes me continually, is the absolute passion and genius of the melodies and lyrics that Taylor wrote himself. How many of us can just sit down and put our life and our feelings into songs that good, and then present them to the public ears in such a humble, yet fiercely impacting manner? Taylor Hicks has woven such magic as this.

Early Taylor Hicks is so appearling to me. I first heard Under the Radar, then heard some cuts off In Your Time. This was before Idol, but not that long before. I was hooked the minute I heard the first song and the genuine presentation of the music. I even admit to not being bowled over by the cover photo, but being absolutely floored by the music itself. When I listen to "In Your Time," the song, I find it so pleasing with the different tempos and pieces, which somehow all fit together perfectly.

When I get lost in "Somehow" or "The Fall," I think to myself...THIS IS A FIRST CD and it is so full of passion, soul, full of LIFE. When I hear songs like "My Friend," which is so different and so much fun, and "Hold On To Your Love," with its short comparison lines, or the little trills he does in between, I keep thinking how young Taylor Hicks was when he made this old school blues music, and how much depth there is to this man.

Early Works has these same songs recaptured....remastered better...but has kept the very flavor that was and is Taylor today. I just keep thinking over and over, as I keep DAMN GOOD and how very gifted Taylor Hicks is. And I am so proud to be a fan of this man and I am so proud that he has come so far. He has waited a long time for this, but never lost his passion for it. When I listen to Early Works, I get choked up to think how much he has accomplshed, and yet how much he is still that Early Taylor who has always been true to the music. Sometimes I just can't put into words what I want to express about this man and his artistry, but it's my heart.

If you haven't heard or previewed Taylor Hicks Early can do so right here. If this man doesn't grab you to the point of rushing out to buy it, then take a lesson about what BLUES truly is and listen again and again, until your car drives you to Target :)

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes those that are the "hungriest " are able to express themselves with unbridled passion. I am thinking that Mr. Hicks will be able to replicate his emotional repertoire even though his " hunger " has been sated. The creative passions never die in those with true talent. I believe Taylor Hicks possesses that talent.


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