Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One-Stop Taylor Hicks Discography !

Want to hear some Taylor Hicks? Take your pick from all his albums...both early and post Idol. The Taylor Hicks Community has a brand-spankin-new discography area on its main pages, with good length samples of EVERY one of his songs from EVERY one of his CDs. These include: In Your Time, Under The Radar, Taylor Hicks post Idol, and Do I Make You Proud~Flip side "Takin It To The Streets." There is also a special section for the new Early Works CD, dropping at Target Stores exclusively, on August 12th. These are not the remastered tracks yet, but the are the songs selected for the CD.

This is a great way for old and new fans, especially newer fans who now know Taylor Hicks from "Grease," to sample his different CDs and perhaps decide to purchase one or two. Or it's just a great walk down memory lane for some, who are waiting IMPATIENTLY, for Early Works to debut.

If you click the title of this blog entry, you will be swiftly transposted to our new Taylor Hicks discography pages. Enjoy!

Or you can click the link right here:

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RagsQueen said...

Great page & great music! Thanks!

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