Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hello and Welcome!

Have a concert experience or comment? Post it here!
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lori said...

This is a GREAT idea Gypsee!!!

I havent been to any Taylor shows yet (except AI) but this Tuesday..YES TUESDAY only 2 more days I go to my first of 3.

We have 3rd row...woo hooooo!!!

Then on to Milwaukee where its front row balcony and then Chicago...I cant wait to meet everyone there!!!!

I'll be back on Saturday to post all the details!!!!


istersay said...

This is great, can't wait to hear all about the shows!


connieb said...

SOOOOO glad you have your own blog now..this will be a POSITIVE place to come now..unlike some of the "other" blogs :)
Love you for all you do!!!
connie b ;)

Lori said...

Ok, where to start.

We started in Green Bay on Tuesday. We head over to the venue, which is really easy to find. Of course Green Bay isn’t a very large city, so pretty much everything is easy to find. It’s a nice venue, right on the UW campus. I don’t see anyone there that I know so we just wait to go to our seats. For this show we bought the tickets over Ebay. I wanted close seats..and got them. We had 3rd row!!!! GREAT seats. There were signs all over the venue stating that NO PHOTOS be taken…blah…blah..blah. We still snuck our camera in and got some nice photos. The Camera police were all around though…but only at the beginning of the show did they really enforce it, so by the middle/end they didn’t say anything.

I really like Michael Warrens music so we were excited to see him and thought he was amazing. Cute stories..cute guy. Great voice. Now, I had seen Taylor before and actually met him….but I was still very VERY excited. I had only seen him on the AI tour, and couldn’t wait to hear his actual songs live. I’m sure you’ve all read the numerous song listings so I wont do that. I will tell you my favorite though. “Run Baby Run” and “The Maze”. Both absolutely wonderful that evening.

Afterwards we went out by the buses. My main mission at that point was to meet Brian Less. I’m a HUGE LMBO fan and have yet to see them live. So a part of that group..I’d take J I did get to meet him. What a NICE NICE guy. Neither one of us had a pen and I didn’t have the shirt on that I wanted him to sign…so we just talked for a bit and I got a pic with him. We did wait and Taylor did come out. Ok, now is where I get all stupid. More stupid…whatever you want to say J I already knew that “Run Baby Run” was a Sheryl Crow cover, but I still asked Taylor anyways. Why??? I don’t know. To hear him talk, for him to look me in the eye, who knows. It worked though. He answered me and looked me in the eye. So goal accomplished. I’m shy…VERY SHY. Anyone who’s met me can attest to that so just a sentence with him was good for me. At the AI show I only said a few things to him also..the whole I love your music/voice stuff. So I wanted to actually say something different to him. Why I picked that..who knows. We also got to meet Michael Warren and Michael P after the show. Britni got her picture with Michael W. I left Green Bay very happy and wanting more. (Don’t we all??). It was an hour and a half drive home. We decided to NOT get a hotel because we live between Green Bay and Milwaukee and had to head south the next day so we headed home.

Now on to Milwaukee. I love Milwaukee. I love going there. We get to our hotel. Which is less than a mile away from the Pabst Theater. We take a quick ride over to the Pabst and his buses are there. The Pabst Theater has a pretty strict policy on cameras so we called them again hoping they’d changed their minds about letting them in and the guy on the phone said that if we got caught w/a camera it would be confiscated. So my daughters digital (which is what we had) is an expensive camera so we decided to not take it. So we went and bought disposable ones. I also have to mention that we didn’t have great seats here. We bought these also from Ebay and when I bought them I thought they were front row balcony, ended up not. They were 6th row balcony. Which sucked. Especially after having 3rd row the night before. So we thought that we wouldn’t get any good pics during the show anyway so why risk her camera being taken away. So we get there. Get a few drinks and found our seats. Met some nice people around us. Was talking with them when these 3 guys came up to us. I thought they wanted to get in our row of seats and seeing as were were in the first 2 seats I got up to let them in. That’s when IT happened.

The guy asked me what my favorite radio station is. Of course my mind goes blank. I tell him we aren’t even from Milwaukee and that the only one I even remotely listen to is 103.7. He asked what the slogan is for that station and I said KIIS FM. Then I see one of them wearing a shirt for a 99.1 and thought..DAMN I just messed up. Well, I hadn’t. The guy said that we said the right station. Guess what we got???? 4th row center seats!! Yes, 4th row center. Excited?? Yup, you bet I was. So we thanked them and gave them our names. Now, my daughter thinks we got asked that question because she looked HOT that night J She’s 18 and to be honest, her whole world right now revolved around how HOT she looks. Much to the dismay of her father. So anyway, we get to our 4th row seats and they are AWESOME!!! And here we sit, with a cheap disposable camera. So after kicking myself for not trying to sneak her camera in (everyone had cameras there) we sit back and enjoy the show!! Now the show. Michael W. GREAT again. Absolutely wonderful. Then Taylor comes out. The crowd is definitely more livelier than GB but still sitting. The setlist was a bit different tonight than in GB. No “Run Baby Run”. The highlight of the night again for me was “The Maze”. That song on cd is my favorite but live….BLOWS me away!!!

Afterward we go up by the stage and Loren hands Britni a guitar pick. Plus we get another setlist. Not sure who’s though I wasn’t watching. Tonight I have on my white LMBO tshirt (THANKS GYPSEE). So when I see Brian later out by the buses he signs it for me. I remember a pen this time J Talk to him for a little bit. Now at this point I have to tell you that I think my daughter is developing a small crush on Mr. Less. She is more talkative to him and afterwards tells me that she thinks he’s the nicest one of them BY FAR (including Taylor).

So then Brian G. comes out and we get a pic of him with Britni. He’s cute. Cute boy. So then Taylor comes out. Tonight I decide, nothing stupid. No dumb questions. I just had him sign my ticket stub. His security said no pictures at all. So we didn’t get that either (which is fine) just being that close to him is cool. I decided to ask if I could shake his hand, I actually thought he might say no. He’s been sick and I know he’s trying to not add more germs to his life J But he looked me in the eye (I’m butter at this point) and said sure and shakes my hand. Not leaving my eyes…of course I say Thanks!! And then he moved on. Very soft hands by the way. Very brown eyes by the way J J

Now on to Chicago. First, let me say that I have driven in many places. New York, San Francisco, Vegas. I HATE CHICAGO!!! There I said it and I’ll stand by it. For any of you from there…beautiful city but your traffic SUCKS!! It starts the minute I hit Illinois. Seriously it does. We leave Milwaukee and head down there. Get stuck in a traffic jam, go the wrong way on several occasions. Miss an exit or two that we should have taken. But eventually make it to the House of Blues. OH, while waiting for our room we run into Brian Less again and Britni wanted to go over and talk with him, but he was having a conversation with others so I said no. We’ve met him we’ll leave him be. I think she got angry J

Chicago is standing room only and since we were poor we couldn’t eat to get our cut in line passes so we head over to the venue and just decide to stand wherever they let us. We got in line around 5pm or so and the line outside wasn’t that long. Met some super nice people while waiting in line. Had a good time actually. Got inside and thought we’d be way back, but went to the left of the stage and got 4th in. So essentially 4th row!! Great spot. No one really pushy or anything. The show!!! I cant say anything more than whats been said already. AMAZING!! The crowd was great (Wisconsin people CAN and do dance and party though). The songs were amazing, his voice was spot on, Keb Mo, sweaty Taylor, dancing Taylor. Enough said. Afterwards we were going to stay by the bar but didn’t (lack of funds). Waited outside and saw a few of the band members. Didn’t approach any of them though. Felix’s mom was there to pick him up, that was cute. He introduced his mom to the crowd J I think at that point our 3 day adrenaline high was starting to crash.
Ok, anything I forget? Oh yes, I heard my name being yelled at the House of Blues (while trying to claw through the crowd for a bathroom break) I turned but just saw a sea of faces so if anyone yelled for me and I didn’t react. I’m sorry, I wasn’t ignoring you, just couldn’t see you. I looked for a few faces but didn’t recognize anyone. I’m horrible that way. Plus, I’m shy. J

Well, that’s it. That’s all I can think of right now. If you’ve read this whole thing and are still awake…GOOD JOB!!!! I know its not as exciting as some have had it but for me it was everything and more.


Gypsee said...

Gosh lori, that is some recap! It sounds like you definitely had a Taylor-filled few days!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

ruhappytoseeme said...

Wow Lori, that is awsome! thats a lot of shopws right in the row, im soooo jealouse LOL (j/k, well kinda a joke haha) I saw Taylor in both ai concerts that came here and the last after party with LMBO and they were great but I cant wait for the penns peak concert in pa, the 21 is not comming fast enough. Wonderful recaps and just making me want to get to the concert sooner. Glad you had fun and met everyone, im scared if I got to meet Taylor I might act like a fool, well mainly just not be able to talk and my fiancee knows to ask if he can take a pic of me and taylor cause he knows im gonna go mute hehehe Im so glad he puts up with me (and gets me everything Taylor that he can hehehe)

livinonheartnsoul said...

I went to the show at the Cleveland HOB on Saturday night (3/31) and had an AMAZING time. Michael Warren was awesome, but the man of the hour, Taylor, was unbelievable, he was on fire! Loved every minute of the concert and would do it again in a heartbeat! I was also fortunate enough to meet Taylor after the show by the buses, a very gracious man who takes out time for his fans despite being exhausted. No more shows for me this tour but maybe he'll come near me this summer! =)

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