Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogging Schmogging...

I'm not real good at this, but I will certainly give it a try!

I have loved Taylor since I first heard his CD and wanted to try to do something to help him succeed, once I knew he was going to appear on American Idol. I never counted on finding a family of fans again, because I had found that with Bo Bice fans and didn't think it could be equaled. I was wrong.

Taylor has brought so many gifts to so many people in his own unique way. Those who are "taylorized" now understand this and those yet to fall under that spell, have something magical awaiting them. The wonderful people I have met through my Taylor site and yes...ok..ADDICTION...LOL...have filled my heart and soul with so very much. The members of LiMBO, who are now like family to me, have added their own amazing and warm presence also.

I can't encourage everyone enough to support this wonderful talent! BUY CONCERT TICKETS....TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE....SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC. It's what our SOULMAN is truly about. Hence this blog....Please feel free to post all recaps in the Hello And Welcome section below!

With Much Love...Gypsee

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