Monday, November 5, 2012

Taylor Hicks~Ballys Reload

Taylor Hicks has returned to Ballys in Vegas.  The songs are pretty much the same, the stage is pretty much the same , and the energy level is....well...POUNDING.  Is it old hat?   Is it just the same ole same ole?   Not a CHANCE!

When Taylor Hicks takes the stage with his incredible band full of musical excellence, you never once think, oh I've done this and heard this before.   Instead, you are immediately drawn in by his magical presence, his shining silver hair, his intense passion, and.a voice that can raise chills and burn you alive all at the same time.

A Taylor Hicks Ballys set opens with a much loved Idol favorite of " Living For The City," and you are catapulted into a mix of rock and soul that can't be found in too many other places.  The always beautiful "Maybe You Should" is offered with raw passion and genuine heart.   One of my favorites is "Back To Louisiana," which heated up the Indigo Lounge on this evening to a fever pitch.  The harmonica was a little extra good and the charming Taylor banter with the audience was in top form.

The new musical addition was Sinatra's "That's Life," which had the audience swaying along.  By the time he and the band had gotten through "Love The One You're With," the crowd was as stoked as Taylor was.   Jamie McLean and his band were superb as always, Brian G. On the horn was pure pleasure, and the truly incredible Brian Less on keyboard was beyond description.

At first, Taylor had some mic stand issues, but in true Taylor Hicks form, he managed to joke his way to a new one and entertain us while they made the adjustment.  I have to say....once again...."Nineteen" brought me and everyone around me to tears.  I brought my family to see the show and they were speechless after hearing this moving tribute to our Troops.

The close of the show was as joyful and exciting as I've ever seen!  "Seven Mile Breakdown" had people clapping, foot stomping, singing along, and with great big smiles.  By the time the curtains were opened and "Viva Las Vegas" rang out, the audience was cheering and as energetic as Taylor himself.

For a southern boy and his buddies, missing their Alabama football super team on the field, they created their own special brand of "Roll Tide!"  And that Tide swept away any question of whether a return trip to Ballys, Las Vegas was worth the effort.   The answer is unequivocally YES!!!

For ticket info, go to Ticketmaster and get yourself a pass to THE hottest show on the strip!  It's not a repeat, folks.  It's a continuation of the most musical fun you can have in the magical, crazy city of Las Vegas.  And those of us who attended this show can vouch for that!

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