Saturday, April 19, 2008


Are you feeling listless, irritable, lethargic, depressed, sleepless?

NOW THERE IS A CURE! You are obviously not getting enough Taylor Hicks in your life, so let's remedy that right now. The Taylor Hicks Community~TaylorMadeOnline Media has tons for you to cure yourself with!

First, there is our weekly Take 2 Video AI Lookback, which takes you on a visual journey of high quality clips, from audition to Crown. This week we feature a great and energetic re-look at "Funky Music," our first glimpse of the solo tour Taylor that none of us will ever forget, especially not Ryan!

Next..."Medicate" yourself with our Remembering topics. We have several video and pictorial threads for various tours, many with photos never before seen. This week, we are featuring the anniversary of The Beacon, with video clips of "Medicated Goo" and "My Friend." We also have, in our photo section, some DELLICIOUS new photos of our SoulMan from The Beacon.

Take 2 is open to all fans, member or non member. If you like what you see, here is our Rx for your Missing Taylor Illness. Register to join our family and then join us in the video and pictorial honoring of the various solo tours that have entertained and brought so much Joy to so many fans.

See you there! We GUARAN-DAMN-TEE that this will cure your Taylor Medical Needs!


Anonymous said...

Have just returned from watching the vids and viewing the Beacon pics. Tina and Teri do great work...loved it all.

I am a big fan of the Take 2 thread. Always like to go back and watch the transformation of Taylor Hicks the performer. He certainly was the most unique contestant on Idol ever........

Great blog Gypsee, I needed the boost this morning.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gypsee!
This is that wonderful "old-fashioned medicated goo" from Taylor! It fixes everything that ails ya!

A great Taylor Hicks fix!


Allyn said...

This Blog entry is what we who love
Taylor and his music need to see much more of.
Thank you so much for providing great media for all of us to enjoy.
On my way to THHC to get a HIcks FIX.

RagsQueen said...

I knew there had to be a "cure" for the "Taylor Hicks Blues"! Now to get my Rx filled!!!

KarinP said...

I always enjoy the look back in time and watching the many Taylor videos. Some days it seems that time has stood still, we are still in those magic moments and then there are times when I realize how quickly time has passed.

Looking forward to more great videos of Taylor's future appearances and I know where I can find them.

Thanks, Gypsee.

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