Friday, March 14, 2008

Giving From the Heart and Soul

Taylor is one of the most giving artists I know of. His love for children and their welfare is always evident, and he is yet again showing this side in two charity events this month.

Tomorrow night, March 15th, he is performing with the Osmond family at the Children's Miracle Network Bash in Orlando at a Disney Resort. The CMN is a non profit organization co-founded by Marie Osmond, and has helped countless children by raising funds for children’s hospitals to give the best care possible. Taylor is going to definitely give them a night to remember!

On March 29th, he is performing at the Greenhill School Gala in Texas, for their annual charity event. To help maintain its superior educational reputation, each year the school hosts a Charity Gala to benefit the schools Endowment Fund for Financial Aid. It is an honor to be asked to perform, and Taylor is going to fulfill that in a most exciting way!

Taylor is opening his Heart and Soul brand of caring and music to these and other charitable events, which go far to help children in need and their families. Our SoulMan definitely shows he cares in many ways, and this is one of the most endearing of all.

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juliegr said...

Wonderful idea to keep the faithful informed on Taylor's charitable activities. I'm continually impressed by Taylor's interaction with the charities and foundations that do so much to help those in need.

Thanks for this notebook.

Kudos to Taylor and to you for keeping us informed.

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