Saturday, May 19, 2007

Real Men Eat Quiche and Sing The Blues!

The MyFox segment on cooking at Karles was too funny to not be mentioned here. Taylor Hicks proved he is a great sport, has a nutty sense of humor, and is ultra cool all at once. Here is a guy who wrapped it all up and kept a smile and a twinkle throughout...interview..."manly" sport of golf....making and eating quiche! Now THAT is what I call a real man...LOL!

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MyFoxAL said...

Hey there! We have more from MyFoxAL!

Hi I am a web producer at FOX6 in Birmingham and just want to let them know that the Taylor Hicks Reading Event (see details below) will be shown tape-delayed, in its entirety, on MyFoxAL beginning at 9:30pm Friday.

The entire performance will only be shown once on the web and will not be available to be seen after that, but small snippets of the performance will be available to be seen on Just go to the link below 9:30pm Friday to watch:

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